About Taylor

For years I have played see-saw with the idea of a blog. I have always felt the strong desire to “get it all out” but have failed to do so over the mainstream internet. Time after time I have gotten to this point where I know that I want to write all of these “bursting at the seams” feelings but have never fully been able to channel and navigate it in the direction of what would be an appropriate blog. All of that has lead to this.

I would say that I lead a fairly normal life with a fairly normal perspective on life. I feel like I process thoughts like every other young adult, but always have a lingering devil’s advocate in the back of my mind. This creates problems for me, you see. I study clinical mental health. Scientifically, this means I study some of the most black and white case by case studies that lie within the medical community. Socially, this means I feel each of these cases are one-of-a-kind, intrinsically fascinating, and are unlike any other. This is what sets me apart from many people within my field, and many people within the general population. I see things “grey”. In no way, shape, or form, do I see things in black and white. So that’s where I’m stuck. In the grey. This blog is a telling narrative of all of those times I am stuck in the grey. It can be as passionate as how I feel about religion, politics, and love, or as minor as how I’ve navigated through a “character building” situation in my day to day life. Not everything is butterflies and daisies. Some of the thoughts that go through my mind are downright controversial. But that’s where I am. Stuck in a 25 year old mind troubleshooting through these not-so-picture perfect ideas of what this life is about. I hope you all will join in on the conversation, because so many times we get caught up in the black and white. We forget details. We refuse to acknowledge details. Details and emotions that can tell a compelling story, and could lead us to the grey.




2 thoughts on “About Taylor

  1. I totes love this, and I too have toyed with the idea of a blog! I can’t wait to keep reading! Stay positive. Stay grey! 🙂

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